The goals of STAR SARDINIA are to engage efficiently, responsibly and profitably in the Shipping field. Our company is based in Sarroch (Cagliari – Italy), with an agency network covering all Italian ports, serving liners and tramp ships, and shipping operators (owners, masters, brokers, charters, receivers) in the fields of oil / gas / chemicals, container ships, cruise ships & navy ships.
We are committed to be a dependable partner by  establishing high quality long-term relationships with our stakeholders, based on professionalism, accountability, integrity.
It is our policy to put people first. Our shared values of moral integrity, incorruptibility and honesty are the principles that govern all the work we do and are the cornerstone of our Business.
STAR SARDINIA Business Values drive the behaviour expected from our experienced staff, because we believe that the quality of a company is measured in terms of the human worth of its members.
Our commitment to integrity requires each of us to act in an exemplary manner in accordance with the law and STAR SARDINIA principles.
Our management believes in achieving these principles by ensuring that all employees are aware of them.
STAR SARDINIA can count on employee vigilance and involvement in this process, which is critically important for our Group’s business efficiency and sustainable growth. It is also our management’s policy to provide the necessary means to report instances of non-compliance.
The above principles are in the DNA of our company as they have accompanied our General Manager in his over than 40 years of activity in this field.

Our mission is to assist customers in efficiently  achieving their business goals by constantly providingthe best value: quality services, regular updates, and a strong commitment to our general business values.
A long-term view and a balancing of short-term priorities with long-term impact are our business way to realize our goals, and continuous improvement is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

STAR SARDINIA staff embraces a set of principles centered on the respect for people, as this is the foundation of our way of business. Our commitment to integrity requires each of us to play an active role in ensuring that this Code of Value remains a key element in our business principles. This means rejecting all forms of corruption, avoiding conflicts of interest and insider dealing,  and protecting our assets and resources by complying with the law.

In STAR SARDINIA we think that developing effective human relation skills is basic to establishing fruitful cooperations with clients and maintaining productive business relationships.
Increased opportunities for dialogue between different partners is one of the benefits of a business environment that strengthen sincere and productive communication.
STAR SARDINIA goal is an increased levels of job satisfaction by improving staff communication and creating a people oriented work environment.
Human relations skills make working in groups and teams more possible.
We believe that setting an attitude of respect toward employees as human beings first will result in increased loyalty towards the company and, as a result, in more productivity.

STAR SARDINIA recognizes the below areas of responsibility.
Corporate responsibilities
STAR SARDINIA management aims to:
a) strengthen professional relationships with all customers, principals, authorities and other parties involved;
b) act in the way of responsibility and accountability;
c) set a good and safe working environment for all concerned parties based on STAR SARDINIA values and in comply with relevant regulations.

Financial stability
One of STAR SARDINIA management’s top priorities is to protect and secure all principal’s funds by having adequate financial means to carry out the company’s goals and activities.
STAR SARDINIA management is committed to maintain all accounts in accordance with the legal requirements within the jurisdiction of their proper legal authorities

If focusing on competitors leads companies to the notion of competitive advantage, focusing on the customer leads us to the notion of value.
The value of STAR SARDINIA is best measured in terms of current and future human and business reputation provided by our customers. For this reason customers are our most prized asset.
To get customers to switch from other company to STAR SARDINIA, we give them value beyond the price they are paying: dedication to work, passion for the field and 40 years experience and know-how on shipping agency matters.

STAR SARDINIA goal is to create an inclusive work environment where every employee has an equal opportunity to develop his skills and talents through the involvement in the planning and direction of their work, because we believe that business success depends on the full commitment of all employees.

Professional Conduct
STAR SARDINIA employees will:
a) by proper management control, ensure that all activities are performed honestly within the highest standards of professionalism, maintaining a high level of confidence that all duties will be fulfilled in a meticulous and diligent way;
c) comply with all national and international laws and any local regulations related to the shipping field;
d) avoid any misrepresentation and ensure that all activities are subject to the STAR SARDINIA general business and ethics values;
e) ensure that for all dealings will be guarantee the right complying of the regulations and the field of action of the related authorities.

Occupational Safety
We ensure that our staff comply with the most stringent safety standards. Safety is the cornerstone of our operational efficiency due to our risk management-oriented approach – both in the workplace and on the operational ground –  and through our commitment to the protection of our employees’ health.

STAR SARDINIA, inspired by this principles of honesty and responsibility, aims to be a good neighbour by continuously improving the ways in which we relate with local communities, institutions, port authorities, stakeholders and parties involved.
STAR SARDINIA recognizes that ongoing communication is essential and  we provide relevant information to legitimately interested parties, unless limited by business confidentiality