Full Ship Agency Services

Our goal is to provide the best agency service possible that fully meet our clients’ needs, preventing issues, delays, and unnecessary costs

With our Full Agency services, you get:

  • Qualified and expert staff available 24/7
  • Solid connections with shore authorities (Harbour Master, Immigration and Health Authorities) and port service (Towage, Mooring, Pilot, Shippers, Receivers, etc.) for better coordination of vessels operations
  • Deep knowledge of local regulations and cargo operations in major Italian ports
  • Certified and trained agents with a set of KPI’s to measure and improve our performance towards you
  • Inward/Outward custom formalities as well as for spares parts and provisions
  • Reliable and proven network of partnerships in all Italian ports to assist ship owners, vessels, charterers, brokers shippers, and receivers
  • Maximize the efficency and reduce port costs

Check the latest Italian port instructions on COVID-19 regulations here.

We are available 24/7

  • Office: +39 070906080
  • Mobile:
  • +39 3481325883
  • +39 3481325884
  • +39 3481325885
  • +39 3481325882
  • email: agent@starsardinia.it

Our Services

Pre Arrival

  • Coordination of vessel operations and control of documentation conformity with Italian laws
  • We act as a liason between you and the port authorities minimizing deadtimes and layovers
  • We provide detailed landing instructions helping you prepare the required documents and ensure the smoothest operation

In-port services

  • We perform various in-port services, like vessel boarding, monitoring of vessel operations and coordination of booked services, i.e. tank cleaning.
  • We assist the ship in every step, ensuring smooth operations and promptly solving any issue that may arise
  • We assist you with all the pre-departure procedures

After departure

  • We perform thorough follow-up with regards to updated port cost and reliable checks on disbursement accounts
  • We perform quality checks on our services with a variety of KPI

Port Costs management

  • Pro forma D/A
  • Check of invoices for correct tariff applications on port costs
  • Preparing of D/A based on client request (owners/charteres/receivers etc.)
  • Read more here.