Husbandry & Owner Assistance

Husbandry assistance is based on minimizing hussle and delays thanks to our almost 40 years experience have led us to create a lean-on, efficent workflow capable of meeting the ships needs with local operational procedures.

Crew changes, visa and travel arrangements are made according to the latest legislative procedures. Full cooperation with health and port authorities during the application of COVID-19 restrictions , minimizing layover times and with maximum safety prevention measures.

We are available 24/7

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Our Services

Arrival/Departure Covid-19 Procedures

  • Liason and familiarity with Health and Port authorities procedures
  • Updated sanitary operative arrangement pre-arrival and in-port regulations
  • PCR swab Covid-19 test


Certificate Renewal

  • Close contact with various authorities to manage the renewal of ship’s certificates during ship’s stay in port

Crew Assistance

  • Visas and crew change arrangements with due prior notice
  • Hotel accomodation
  • Transportation
  • Specialized Medical Assistance
  • Covid-19 related assistance
  • Hospitalization

Spare parts and Provisions

  • Customs formalities are properly issued
  • Transportation, handling and crane services are scheduled to minimize layover time in agreement with the ship
  • Spare parts landing and re-forwarding