Covid-19 Guidelines

Commercial Ships Operations

1. All vessels, regardless of their flag, calling at Italian ports irrespective of the previous port call, must apply for Sanitary Free pratique. This requires the following documentation:

– Maritime declaration of health

– Copy of SSECC; passenger list and crew list

– List of port of calls during the previous 14 days.

2. Request will have to be sent to the Sanitary Authorities, maximum 6 hrs prior to the arrival. The ship master will be responsible for notifing any changes in the health status of the crew after the issuing of the sanitary free pratique, during the stay until the ship will leave port.

– Other documents might be required by authorities depending on the situation on board.

3. Sanitary Free Pratique will be issued eithr by radio or, if necessary, upon boarding by sanitary authorities, after checking the required documents like ship details, crew certificates, and other.

4. Delivery of spare parts on board remains possible.

5. Technicians/inspectors can still go on board, complying with all safety measures, including proper equipment.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are allowed to berth and resume commericial operations in Italian ports as per latest regulations.

Crew Change Rules


IMPORTANT: From January 2022, only FFP2 masks can be used to enter closed spaces, like Taxis, Hotel and Restaurants. This apply to disembarking personnel as well. For further queries, call us.

For Sign-on:

1. Crewmembers must arrive in Italy with a negative PCR swab taken at least 72 hours before arrival.

– Quarantine is not required but mariners will have to avoid any contact and maintain self-isolation

2. Entry VISA must be issued before arrival. Our agents will take care of handling the VISA formalities and will act as liason with the competent authorities.

– Usually a minimum of 2 days are required to complete all the required procedures.

3. Crew from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are permitted to enter Italy. Contact our agents to know the updated regulations.

For Sign-off:

1. Non-EU Citizens must apply for a transit VISA at least 2 days prior to disembrakement.

NB Authorities do not work on Saturdays and Sundays. Please bear in mind that VISA take an average of 2 days to be issued.

2. Monitoring of temperature for the 14 days preceeding the disembarkement.

3. A PCR test is required before disembarkement

For detailed information contact our local agent here

More information on the governement website here

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Our Services


  • Organization of medical assistance including COVID-19 PCR swab test, both antiigenic and molecular, on board and on shore
  • Arrangement of secure transfers from point of arrival to the ship in accordance to the by law required health safety measures

During Operations

  • Arrangements for specilized medical assistance on-board and if necessary hospitilization for mariners


  • Check of all sanitary documentation regarding the crew and the ship’s operability status.