2022 Calendar

For the 2022 calendar, we thought of a theme that could both express the recovery of the economy and also of our daily livelihood from the pandemic. When we thought about this, an image popped up in our minds. A ship steaming full-ahead towards its destination, leaving the dire (pandemic) straits behind. What better way to convey that if not for an EOT, an Engine Order Telegraph.
Back in the days, this device was used to communicate from the bridge to the engine room the desired speed, without any electricity. In the same fashion, we at Star Sardinia, believe that the coming 2022 will finally let us steam towards our goal, and like the EOT, we can start sailing ahead with our own strength.

These incredible machines were actioned mechanically, thanks to a set of chains that when moved, would rotate the clogs inside the case. These clogs, connected to the levers on the outside of the device, would convey the desired speed orders. But how are the deck and the engine rooms able to communicate when they are located in opposite locations on the ship, whit thick steel walls in between these?
The answer is through pulleys and chains. Indeed, two chains span through the bridge on the top, to the engine room at the bottom of the vessel. When the speed lever on the bridge is turned, these chains move, spinning the clogs inside the device in the engine room. This not only sets the engine room’s EOT indicator on the desired speed but also triggers a bell inside both devices on the engines room and main deck. The ringing sound alert the machinist of the order, which ensure that the confirmation that the order had been received. Once the order is copied, the machinist sets the lever on the engine room’s device to the ordered speed which in turn, via a second chain, notifies the bridge that the order has been taken care of.

These incredible machines signify the crucial role that communication has. There are times when a full stop is needed, and there are times when a full-steam-ahead is even more necessary. Star Sardinia believes that now is the time for the latter, to up the game, aiming for growth and prosperity.

We wish you back winds and serene skies ahead.

Star Sardinia Team


The EOT mechanism

The lamp and the ring used to alert the crew

A detail of the chain access