The Project

SNO Marine Center on the Olbia’s gulf waters, will be one of the largest Superyachts’ hubs in the whole Mediterranean.

The new nautical hub backed with a private investement of more than 10€ million will take form passing from SNO yachts, through the acquisition of the former areas of the tuna factory Palmera and of the facilities of the IBS shipyard. The new center will be called SNO Marine Center and will cover an extended area of more than 200.000 sq. meters. This will be the foundation of a superyacht facility that will operate with vessels ranging from 75 to 120 mt long, offering housing for crew, business facilities and specialized shops and perhaps even engine manufacturers. These services are aimed at providing ship owners and captains with the best assistance possible.

In this center, will also take place a service and assistance hub, which in view of the recent partnership with the iconic American brand Magnum marine, featured in Miami Vice, will turn SNO into a major nautical player in Europe.

This partnership means that SNO will perform its custom-made fitting services on the hull made in the US. They will also be responsible for the distribution in the whole European market. This partnership might also spell the possible production of parts in the Sardinian plants.

New Ship Lifting Platform in Olbia

Picture: the Possible location of the ship lifting platform in Olbia

The Technology

These facilities will also be equipped with maintenance and refitting on-shore equipment, which will be useful in the operational capabilities of these yachts. A 3300 tons ship lifting platform will turn Oblia into one of the few ports in the mediterranean capable of working on some of the world’s largest yachts with a maximum draft of 6 meters. This machine, called syncro lift, is made of a steel platform 90 meters in length and 19 meters in width, driven by 14 winches.

This is good news for local shipbuilders like SNO Yachts, as these will be able to expand the range of their services, pushing their highly skilled workforce from 250 to 500 personnel.

Picture: The ship lifting concrete platform at Ancona’s port

Sardinia’s role as a superyacht hub

This project integrates with the construction of a new superyacht marina with added on-shore facilities, like business and crew facilities on the Brin quay in Olbia, which you can read more here. These will turn Olbia’s into a state-of-the-art mega yacht maintenance, refitting and service

As Olbia and Cagliari are progressing in the construction of superyacht capabilities, the whole island of Sardinia could become a major superyacht center thanks to these investments, one of the few in the Mediterranean region.

Star Sardinia is ready to put its 30 years long certified expertise at the service of yachts in need of a trusted partner to coordinate any local necessity.

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Yacht Ship Lift in Olbia

Picture: A yacht on a 3300 ship lifting platform. Source: Cimolai Technologies