Italian deputy minister of transport yesterday inaugurated of a track of the new regional road 125 with the presence of the local authorities, afterwards visiting Arbatax’s port, pledging more resources and a medium-term strategy for the development of this area. This marks the renewed interest of Italian politics towards the creation of a new national nautical hub in Arbatax, for commercial and passenger ships but also to the creation of a pleasure craft industry.

Arbatax location

Sardinia’s eastern coast remains still wild and partially unexplored. Relatively low number of visitors, compared to the Costa Smeralda or Cagliari, has preserved the natural environment and the abundant marine life. Also, the lack of marinas capable of accomodating larger sized boats in the sourrounding area, has made Arbatax the only port available in the area.

Port facilities and peculiarities

Its marina and commercial ports offer berthing to a wide variety of hulls types and the vast space available inside theport creates the perfect condition for mooring on summer time but also to spend the winter months here. The surrounding area offers a wide variety of services and attractions. First, the local airport of Tortolì is perfect as a private jet hub where yacht owners can directly fly to their yachts after winter. Second, the interconnectedness of Tortoli’s commercial and passenger ship lines have created in the past a profitable tourism industry, which has enabled the creation of new jobs and the opening of new businesses.

Tourism could be such a significant revenue stream if it is properly managed and planned. Examples like Costa Smeralda and Dubai have taught us that it’s not a mirage to attract wealthy tourists to wild and remote places. However, it is pivotal to invest in people’s capabilities and to move together.

Shipbuilding and skilled workforce
Arbatax is not just a port, but a nautical skills hub, with the majority of repairs, construction and maintenance facilities for yacht in Sardinia. These range from structural works, like hull casting and repairs, mast structures and engine works, to modelling and decors, like teak floors, interiors and electrical systems. Arbatax’s unique location close to Costa Smeralda, has brought many clients that saw the possibility of doing maintenance and repairs close to a yacht hotspots in the mediterrean. Star Sardinia, thanks to its local office in Arbatax has been assisting its client such as: taking care of most of the procedures and controlling the operational aspects for ships and yachts; the legal aspects of their sea worthiness; including bunker supply. The ports staff and labours have a vast experience in servicing ships of all size and type, developed throughout the years. When highly specialized jobs are needed the experts are there.
Industrial and Enterpreneurial hub for mid Sardinia

Arbatax is also the perfect commercial and industrial access point to Sardinia’s inland. In particular, bulky cargo can be moved from here to the inland and the mountainous region of Barbagia. In one recent case, Star Sardinia was able to lend its expertise to a company planning to build a new wind park. We took care of most of the discharge operations, paying close attention to the cargo conditions and in preparing all the necessary documents for the authorities. This was crucial in enabling a smooth ride for the cargo, avoiding any unnecessary delay.

General Cargo Agency in Italy

At the forefront of the energetic sector
Moving wind turbines is not an easy job, but Arbatax location is not only physically closer to the wind park than other ports in Sardinia, but the spacious quay provides freedom of movement and temporary storage for bulky cargoes.
Thanks to this, Saipem, a leading company in the construction of oil rigs, has since the 1970s’, set up a yard in the proximity of the south quay. This specializes in the construction of oil rig structures that are used on various places around the globe, from the gulf of mexico, to the north sea, creating the right conditions for nurturing a highly skilled workforce capable of special material welding and building nautical structures.


Local skills and know-how
Although the pandemic caused a drop in tourists, bringing the local economic fabric to its knees, the knowledge and expertise of its inhabitants are still there. It is therefore important to provide solid support to develop local capabilities even more. An investment plan aiming at bolstering the port’s shipbuilding and the nautical sector is being evaluated by the local authorities, and this could be a game-changer for the port of Arbatax.

Business Initiatives
Other initiatives, like the Summer camp Silicon Valley, promoted by Start-Ups experts like Gideon Marks and Chris Burry, targets entrepreneurial skills development inside the local economic environment. Sardinia’s western coast is a trove of wonders and possibilities, but it is also essential to have the right people and right skills to take advantage of these.

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