After four years of waiting, Arbatax Port is finally part of the Sardinian Port Authority. This is an important step for the growth of the Sardinian port, as it’ll mean more investment and a bigger network of commercial destinations.

Port Investement

The port will benefit from national funds destined exclusively to the National Port Authorities,which will make it possible to start the needed works to secure the port quays and passageways. The final work plan is yet in the works, however, persons involved in the project hinted at the bolstering of the tourism sector by building cruise ship and pleasure crafts related infrastructure, but also at the strengthening of the nautical industry sector. This last one will aim at expanding the already existing shipyards facilities, specialized in the construction of marine industrial plants and yacht structures. In the pipeline there’s also the building of a Special Economic Zone, that Sardinia Region transportation minister described as a priority in wake of Arbatax’s Port upgrade.

General Cargo Agency

Picture: The Discharging of Wind Turbines in Arbatax

The Tourism Industry

The boosting of the tourism and cruising sector will have a powerful economic impact on the Covid-19 battered local economies. Locals have been waiting for this announcement for years, and it’s quite unbelievable that an area like the one around Arbatax has yet to be appreciated by a more sustainable tourism. Around the port there are plenty of award-winning beaches, peculiar for their white fine sand and turquoise-like waters, that are home to a vibrant marine life and diving here is a stunning experience. For example, a few miles out of Arbatax lies the relict of a WW2 German military ship, sinked by the British submarine Safari. This is a great opportunity to see and live the history, but also to appreciate the incredible marine environment.

Local food delicacies and red full-body wine grown in the wild Sardinian nature, will complete this experience, offering a sensorial immersion in Sardinian’s culture. New transport infrastructures, like the completion of a new segment of an express road to Cagliari and possible future opening to commercial flights of Tortolì airport will make it really simple to reach other destinations in Sardinia and Italy.

Star Sardinia is honoured to help Arbatax port growth, by supporting ships and yachts in the area, by employing local qualified staff. As a matter of fact, Star Sardinia already has a ship certified agent in Arbatax, providing full agency services and logistics, as cargo operations, port authority formalities like immigration, custom, but also provisions and bunker.

All-in-all Arbatax and the closeby communities will greatly benefit from this upgrade, especially for its meaning of bringing more investments and new developments to this area that holds still unexplored gems.

Picture: Wind Turbines Nacelles